SYFO (Sacrificing Yourself for Others) is a ministry designed to disciple our youth in the area of Christian service and inspire them to give their lives for the sake of the gospel and the good of others. Our goal is to transform our youth from the "me" mentality that saturates our culture to an "others" focused mentality. We strive to complete a local mission project or Random Act of Kindness at least once a month. Through this ministry, youth learn not only how to serve, but why we serve as Christians, and they experience the blessings that are ours when we join with God in His great work in the world.

SYFO Projects for 2015

  • January - Goodie Bags for Our House

  • February - Operation "Thank You" Cookie bags for police department

  • March - Bereavement Bags for Southeastern General Maternity Ward

  • April - Food/Supply Roundup for Odum Home and Sacred Pathway

  • May - Friends of Children CleanUp Day at Odum Home

  • June - n/a

  • July - Tide packets (Random Act of Kindness) Pembroke laundry mat

  • August - RAOK - Your'e a Lifesaver for Fire Department

  • Septemeber - Friends of Children Cleanup Day at Odum Home

  • October - Dinner for the CWBC Widows

  • November - Canned food drive for UNCP/Burnt Swamp Association

  • December - Gift boxes for students at Purnell Swett, DSS and Odum Home

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