• We will practice whole-hearted obedience to Jesus through personal holiness, both in public and in secret.

  • We will make prayer the foundation of all our efforts in life, family, ministry, and worship.

  • We will be humble and teachable, always growing in our grasp of God’s truth and grace.

  • We will be personally accountable to other Christians.

  • We will equip members to make disciples of people from all socio-economic, religious, and ethnic groups (locally and globally).

  • We will develop leadership within the church by means of mentoring, teaching, and equipping.

  • We will build strong marriages that portray the covenant-keeping love between Christ and his Church.

  • We will provide parents with the foundation for training and disciplining children and youth as well as new believers.

  • We will coordinate, facilitate, and encourage the discipleship of children and youth.


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