Sermon Notes



Perhaps the best opportunity for believers to have an impact for the Kingdom is through their home and family life.  Unfortunately, our greatest mission field is often the one most neglected.  Our obligations and pursuits in so many other areas of our lives are prioritized above the all-consuming commitment to rear a family that glorifies God.  In a day when the meaning and importance of family is constantly challenged, Christians must return to the bedrock principles of God’s Word that call for our homes to reflect the love of Christ and our obedience to Him.  This series will call us back to the foundations of a godly family and remind us that ‘as the home goes, so goes the church and the world.’





Dollars and Sense Message 2

Many believers have turned their opportunities for giving into legalistic rituals.  When it comes to giving, it is better to operate on principle than percentage.  When it comes to giving, we find freedom and liberation in being generous, because it is indeed far better to give than to receive.


Dollars and Sense Message 1

Temporary things do not bring permanent happiness




Regardless of what you may personally believe about Jesus, it would be very difficult to deny the impact His life and His teachings have had on the world.  There are also a lot of radical claims about Jesus.  As a matter of fact, in a few weeks, Christians will celebrate Easter, and the most radical claim of them all is that Jesus rose from the dead after being executed by the Romans.  This would be pretty astounding in any fictional novel; it would be downright earth-shattering if it really happened!  But…what if it did?  What if the things we’ve heard about Jesus really are true?  That’s what we want to explore at Calvary Way over these weeks leading up to Easter.  In What if Jesus…?, our current sermon series, we want to explore truths about Jesus that are often dismissed or taken for granted.  Come and be challenged with us as we dig into the four big "IFs" concerning Jesus.​