Statements of Purpose




Calvary Way purposes to have a transforming impact in our community and the world through the following core values:


-We will worship God individually and intimately which will enrich our time with God corporately.

-We will worship God corporately in spirit and truth which will draw people into deeper relationship with Him.

-We will worship God through preaching that exalts Jesus Christ, proclaims the gospel, and transforms

       hearts through the power of God’s Word.

-We will exercise the spiritual gifts given to each believer and allow freedom to use those gifts for God’s


-We will worship through giving biblically, generously, and joyfully.

-We will worship through prayer, exercising faith that God is willing and able to answer our petitions.

-We will encourage personal and corporate Bible study and memorization as a way to grow in grace, in the

      knowledge of Jesus Christ, and in love for God.



-We will pray specifically, earnestly, as well as spontaneously, for the good of others and the glory of Christ.

-We will give compassionate care to those in need.

-We will serve selflessly both in the church and in the world.

-We will participate in community efforts to meet the needs of people in the surrounding areas.

-We will support and engage in local, national, and international ministry.



-We will practice whole-hearted obedience to Jesus through personal holiness, both in public and in secret.

-We will make prayer the foundation of all our efforts in life, family, ministry, and worship.

-We will be humble and teachable, always growing in our grasp of God’s truth and grace.

-We will be personally accountable to other Christians.

-We will equip members to make disciples of people from all socio-economic, religious, and ethnic groups

     (locally and globally).

-We will develop leadership within the church by means of mentoring, teaching, and equipping.

-We will build strong marriages that portray the covenant-keeping love between Christ and his Church.

-We will provide parents with the foundation for training and discipling children and youth.

-We will coordinate, facilitate, and encourage the discipleship of believers at every age level.



-We will welcome new people, whether ethnically different or similar, with openness and warmth.

-We will be known for our love of people.

-We will gather regularly in order to grow together as a family of believers.

-We will nurture family relationships.

-We, as individual members, will be actively engaged in the life and ministry of the church.

-We will strive for a unified spirit in all that we do.

-We will pursue and attempt to restore disengaged members to fellowship.

-We will be proactive in breaking down barriers to fellowship within the church.


-We will use strategic, as well as spontaneous, evangelism to win the lost to Christ.

-We, as individual members, will be prepared to share the Gospel with others.

-We will be proactive and intentional in developing relationships with people who do not know Christ as


-We will be active in taking the gospel to the nations.

-We will endeavor to engage the diversity of our local community in order to advance the gospel contextually.