Who We Are

We believe that God has called Calvary Way to have a transformational impact on surrounding communities and the world for the kingdom of God. Our motto here is “Change Begins at the Cross,” and that is great news because, when we stand at the foot of the cross, we are all equal, we are all in need, and we are all accepted.


We hope is that you will find that Calvary Way is an experience - a life-changing, soul-shaking, everything-transforming experience! In our church family, we all have skeletons, we all have baggage, we all have issues, and we sincerely believe that Jesus is the answer to them all. We aren’t here to judge, or compare, or

criticize, but to worship Jesus and learn how to live for His glory in this world that so desperately needs Him. It is our sincere belief that the more real we are with God about who we are and what we can’t do, the more He will reveal who HE is and what HE can do.

We also believe in the transformative power of relationships. God has not designed us to live in isolation, but to do life together. While we certainly don’t have it all perfected yet, the one thing we do know for sure is that change begins at the cross. We are positive that if you make a connection with Jesus, you will never be the same. Please accept this invitation to join us on our journey of transformation. Whether you are a believer, a backslider, a doubter, or an all-out rebel, God is interested in your story, and so are we.